When will our Challenge Coins arrive?

Challenge Coins


The schedule below should be followed only after
you have received artwork from us

Today's Date

If the order was placed today, as a RUSH, you will
receive your full challenge coin order by:

(Less than 30 days = 4 weeks)

If the order was placed today, with NO SAMPLE,
you will receive your full challenge coin order by:
(35-45 days = 5 weeks to 6 weeks)

If the order was placed today, WITH SAMPLE,
your sample challenge coin would arrive:

Your full order will arrive*:
(21-26 days for the sample, 21-25 days for full production, 45-55 days total)

If the order was placed today, for a REORDER,
you will receive your full challenge coin order by:

(less than 30 days)


If located at an FPO or APO address or international location,
please allow additional time for shipping.
Days include weekends.

If you do not see any dates listed above, please send us an send an email and we will gladly respond with the production schedule.

* Prompt approval is necessary via email photograph of the challenge coin, approvals via mailed challenge coin sample may delay production.

All dates shown above allow for three days for artwork turnaround, with a prompt approval of the challenge coin artwork. Artwork is posted for your approval within 7-10 days for FREE artwork without a commitment, or 24 hours of receipt of the
order form. The above time frame is a general turnaround time for an order that does not involve any issues, such die breakage (to remake a die, takes 1-2 days,) or any problems that may arise.

We want you to have the best coins possible, please give us the courtesy of ordering sooner, than later. Each additional feature on a challenge coin adds additional time to a basic order. Basic order are done in produciton much sooner than more complex orders.

Epoxy coins: 1-2 days
Diamond cut edge: 1-3 days
Numbering: 1 day

Major holidays or factory closures happen:

January - 3 days
February - 1 week
April - 3 days
May - 3 days
June - 3 days
September - 1 day
October - 1 week

Current wait time for FREE artwork without first receipt of an order form, 1-3 days.

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