Challenge Coins


A simple layout is all we need to create your coins.

Let's make a coin template from a coin design idea and turn it into a Custom Coin.

We have created a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template for your use when designing your custom coin. Just right click on the link below and save target as...

Send your images, ideas, template to: contact us for customized & personalized coins


Take a look at this challenge coin slide show for a review of basic coin making ideas?

PDF version of the Challenge Coin Slide Show

Below are some other Custom Challenge Coin Templates
Print these templates or use the PDF in Illustrator. Any way you can is fine.

Challenge Coin Template
Challenge Coin Design Template (PDF)


Dog Tag Challenge Coin Template
Dog Tag Challenge Coin Design Template (PDF)

We can accept most coin artwork in almost any format you can supply.

We appreciate any feedback you can offer to assist with your coin project.

Custom Coins
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Custom Challenge Coins