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July 2nd, 2013
Graphic Inc., was awarded a patent for the following
Round and Dog Tag Style Bottle Opener Coins - PATENT USD0685238

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Bottle Opener Custom Coins

USD0685238 S
Bottle opener Custom Coin
Jeffrey Alan Rabenstein, Peoria, Ariz. (US)
Assigned to Graphic, Inc., Peoria, Ariz. (US)
Filed by Jeffrey Alan Rabenstein, Peoria, Ariz. (US)
Filed on Feb. 22, 2012, as Appl. No. 29/413,943.
Term of patent 14 Years
LOC (9) Cl. 07 - 99
Bottle Opener Coins

Bottle Opener Coin Design License opportunities
Interested parties should contact Jeffrey @ 1-866-469-6468

This is a great idea for restaurant owners in addition to bar owners. Great beer promotional item.
Promote the next brewfest, outing or otherwise recreational gatherings. Add an additional cut out with a ball key chain attachment.
Use of epoxy or hard enamel is required to protect the paint and design from key wear and tear.

Bottle Opener Coins

Bottle Opener Coin
Custom Challenge Coins with a hole in it or without can be made into a bottle opener coin!

Bottle Opener Coins

Bottle Opener Coins

Bottle Opener Coins must be die cast zinc alloy. Die-struck brass coins are not feasible for this style of coin.

Bottle Opener Coins require one cut out, a $25.00 set up fee and $0.35 additional per coin.
This is on top of normal per coin base challenge coin pricing.

The link provided is for 2 inch coin pricing.

There is no fee for using our patented design, just the standard fees for one cut out.
Add another cut out at $25.00, add a key-chain at $0.65 each, and have a multi functional piece.

For an accurate estimate, please complete a challenge coin quote form:



Send me a sketch through our quote system - then call and ask for Jeffrey.

Need help, we can assist you design a coin.

Anniversary Bottle Opener Coin Ideas

Commerate such a milestone with a custom coin.

Traditional metals used for anniversaries:

Iron - 6th Anniversary
Bronze - 8th Anniversary
Copper - 9th Anniversary
Tin or Aluminum - 10th Anniversary
Steel - 11th Anniversary
Silver - 25th Anniversary
Gold - 50th Anniversary

Latin-derived numerical names

Triennial - 3 years
Quadrennial - 4 years
Quinquennial - 5 years
Sexennial - 6 years
Septennial - 7 years
Octennial - 8 years
Novennial - 9 years
Decennial - 10 years
Vicennial - 20 years
Semicentennial - 50 years
Demisesquicentennial - 75 years
Centennial - 100 years
Quasquicentennial - 125 years
Sesquicentennial - 150 years
Terquasquicentennial - 175 years
Bicentennial - 200 years
Tercentennial or tricentennial - 300 years
Quadricentennial - 400 years
Quincentennial - 500 years
Sexacentennial - 600 years
Septuacentennial - 700 years
Octocentennial - 800 years
Nonacentennial - 900 years
Millennial - 1000 years
Bimillennial - 2000 years

Do you have a project idea you would like to share, send an email, we will add it to the list above.

Custom Coins are easy to make, and while you are making coins you could be making money.

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